Peace Channels

Promoting Peace with Peace
  • Peace Day LIVE

    Peace Day LIVE

    Peace Day LIVE is a multi-city music festival celebrating The International Day of Peace, the weekend of Sept. 21st, 2012 read more

    Wadi Rum

    Middle East Youth Leadership Jam

    The Middle East Youth Leadership Jam will connect diverse, engaged and committed leaders, for a week of deep listening, sharing, self-discovery, systemic inquiry and community building. read more

    Human Security Forum

    Human Security Forum

    The Human Security Forum develops and facilitates programs that promote the correlation between viable peace and human security. read more

    Pashut Sharim


    Sing!! (Pashut Sharim) is an innovative project created to inspire, connect and develop interpersonal relationships through song, dance and music. read more

    Passion Dance: Holistic Fitness

    Passion For Peace: Holistic Fitness

    Mind and body unite with feelings. Feelings and voice merge in breath. Breath and motion melt into passion. Passion For Peace is a mind-body workout. It’s a dynamic meditation using breath, movement, ritual, and ecstatic vibrations through the chakras and … read more



    HeartBeat is an international community of musicians, educators, and students using music to build mutual understanding and transform conflict. read more

    Passion for Peace

    Dance for Peace

    Come join us and spread together love, hope, joy, health and peace. Be part of an event where mind and body unite with feelings, feelings and voice merge in breath, and breath and motion melt into passion for sustainable peace. … read more