Passion for Peace

Passion for Peace

Dance for Peace

Come join us and spread together love, hope, joy, health and peace. Be part of an event where mind and body unite with feelings, feelings and voice merge in breath, and breath and motion melt into passion for sustainable peace.

Peace starts in our hearts.

Many peaceful people create a peaceful community.

Conflicts are resolved by diverting oppositions into harmonies.

Diversities are celebrated through dancing and chanting that enrich and connect us all.

Dance for Peace is a mind-body workout that stimulates intense emotion, compelling feeling, enthusiasm and desire to promote peace and harmony. It’s a dynamic event utilizing breath, movement, ritual, music, emotions, 5th dimensional artwork, experiences, thoughts and ecstatic vibrations inspiring people to develop emotional and social competencies for peace in order to be effective leaders and peacemakers in their communities.

Dance for Peace promotes understanding, compassion, reconciliation, and the emotional capacities of empathy and sympathy. Participants in Dance for Peace are empowered to feel confidence, excitement, enthusiasm, compelling emotion, positive affinity and a sense of global awareness as change-agents towards greater pro-social interconnection and an active desire to alleviate another’s suffering. Transcending countries, socioeconomic differences, languages and cultures, Dance for Peace enables participants to become warm, fluid, energetic, and feel alive. Participants surrender their breaths, leave behind judgments and open energy channels that enables their spirit and emotions to flow freely.

Dance for Peace takes participants beyond ordinary mind-body states into an experiential journey, connecting with ones subconscious mind, inner beauty, subtle feelings, clear awareness, authentic passion and spiritual essence. In the event, participants go through a process of healing by re-enacting dramas, laughing, crying and letting it all out to arrive at a state where one feels light, clear, and serene. Participants move beyond ones stories, narratives, myths and legends, witnessing how their negative impacts melt away.

Dance for Peace is an experience from the inside out that has the ability to address all regardless of age, gender, religion or culture. Dance for Peace empowers one to spread the message of peace and health in order to help eliminate borders, cause walls to fall and eyes to be opened.

Dance for Peace is based on the following principles:

Social and political peace is created by peaceful people. For people to live in peace with each other, they need to be in peace with themselves.

Passion cannot be stopped, but it can be transformed. The cycle of violence->pain->anger->violence can be transformed if horror and rage will have alternative outlets.

Hurting others is driven by separation. A direct heart-to-heart experience, seeing ourselves in others, and realizing that we’re all part of a beautiful and rich humanity, dissolves the motivation to act against others, and inspires for harmonious living.

Dance for Peace creates a container where each person find their own peace, not by suppressing their difficult emotions, but by celebrating them through creative and healing outlets: Dancing, conscious breathing, chanting, drumming, hugging, laughing, crying. Being in this process with others, seeing their own humanity, feeling and identifying with their own dramas, brings deep compassion to each other, seeing their journeys as our own, and natural desire to let them celebrate their passion and fulfill their aspirations.

During the Journey we will have the Projection of the 5th Dimensional Artwork from another dimensional dreamscape.

Artwork by Eva A. Lindberg

Suggested Donation 35 Shekels.