Living Library: Take out your Prejudice
Living Library: Take out your Prejudice

Living Library: Take out your Prejudice

Theme and Purpose
The idea is to promote dialogue, reduce prejudices and thereby encourage integration.
The Living Library works exactly like a normal library. – readers come and borrow a book for a limited period of time. After reading it they return the book to the library and if they want they can they can borrow another book. There is only one difference: “the books in the living library are human beings and the books and the readers enter into a personal dialogue. The books in the Living Library are representing groups frequently confronted with prejudices and stereotypes and who are often victims of discrimination or social exclusion. The reader of the library can be anybody who is ready to talk with his or her own prejudices and stereotype and wants to spend an hour of time on this experience. In the living library, books can not only speak, but they are able to reply to the reader’s questions and the books even can ask questions and learn themselves.
The Dialogue provides to understand each other more than usual. It will be an opportunity for new impressions and for putting ideas to the test.
Time to challenge your beliefs or face your fears in the form of another human being. Building bridges through dialogue is one way of creating safety in a community.
Living library should be represented in many events to take off prejudices because then books and readers can be representers of the right Picture ( the wrong image should be erased in this way…)