Healing ourselves. Healing the world. Celebrating our different spiritual paths. Together. As one.

acting peace, thinking peace, being peace

acting peace, thinking peace, being peace

This workshop is an opportunity to think even clearer about what it means to think like a being of Peace.

A Being of Peace is a giving helping person, someone who has chosen to create the vibration of peace in and around them.

It is an integrative attitude- this is an attitude that is in harmony with the natural cycles of life. One that integrates all aspects of the person, body mind, heart and Spirit.

It is an optimistic attitude.

Thinking like a being of Peace is vital to bringing out this vibration of peace out into our world. Many people have begun to give up hope and have started thinking that war, resistance and fighting will accomplish something. In essence this attitude and way of thinking only creates more chaos resulting in more hatred and more fighting.

We will consider the many attitudes and thoughts that prevent us from thinking like a being of Peace, some of them are; Judgment, misconception, money, heredity, beliefs, opinions, doubts fears, lies, pain, confusion, and saying unnecessary words.

The workshop will include fun, integrative exercises, presentation on positive attitudes and what you can do to act like a being of Peace.

We will consider some of the existing groups that are helping grow the spirituals peace consciousness.

We will conclude with a Peace and Forgiveness Ceremony.

Spiritual peace- Changing the spiritual atmosphere to a peaceful atmosphere. The return of the spirit of Respect. This brings hope.

Spiritual Peace workers- are those who bring the hope and are assisting to help change this consciousness.

It starts with the individual and then spreads out. As we bring the spirit of Peace, tolerance and respect to each aspect of daily life, we assist in improving communication and adding hope to our world.

Generally when Peace is spoken about, it refers to Political Peace. The end of fighting, the resolving of border disputes, the return of prisoners and the like. This is a welcome goal, but it is hard to reach, because generally the two sides are separated by pain and hatred. The political peace movement keeps trying with endless diplomats engaged in this noble, but difficult endeavor.

What helps create peace within or between nations, is communication. The sorting out of problems and finding solutions. This is each human beings responsibility, within their lives, families, communities, nations and world. This can be assisted by the spiritual peace movement. I believe that what is missing from the Political peace movement is Spiritual Peace.

Here is an outline of some aspects of the Spiritual Peace Movement

This is a large movement of people, spread out into many areas

Walking for peace – Groups of people will walk over short or long distances- sometimes for days, holding the atmosphere of respect.

Meditations and prayers for peace – holding a sacred space for peace within oneself and joining groups, this is often done at set times using, telephone, video and internet.

Praying for peace– individual and group experiences

Dancing for peace– Dances of Universal peace, debtka lessons, celebrations, festivals and all happy occations.

Working with Earth energies– helping to cleanse the earth from the war vibration, and to give to the earth respect and love. This is often done through ceremony.

Planting Peace Poles– May Peace Prevail on Earth. The World Peace Prayer Society has 300,000 poles around the world around 90 in Israel/Palestine.

All Nations Café – a rooming cafe that helps Israeli and Palestinian children and adults to come together and share. Events take place in and around Jerusalem.

Projects for peace- such as cleaning the environment, and creating together, such as quilts, skits, songs, etc.

Conflict resolution– deals with communication between the two sides- also called non-violent communication

Adventures for Peace– Trip to Iceland with Both Israel and Palestinians participating.

Speaking peace at Conferences– with Both Israel and Palestinians participants.

Non- violent demonstrations to bring change

Bereaved families– Family members who have lost someone in the war, come together to share their stories. Both Israel and Palestinians participate.
Children’s peace initiatives include- youth camps in and outside of Israel / Palestine. Plays, music and other creative activties.

Seeds for Peace.

Some say:

With the recent war, your peace efforts are useless, don’t waste your time.

My answer to this is that without our peace efforts, our society would be much worse. In my heart I know that this pessimistic attitude, that war will always be around, is perpetuating the war consciousness. The peace consciousness needs feeding, so I do my peace service.